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Services Never Finish Loading And Missing Programs.


I installed BitDefender Internet Security (currently it is build in Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center. I thought it installed OK. Some days later mom visited a website that asked her to install some stuff. The programs were junk. While I was removing the programs I noticed some problems. BitDefender's system tray icon always shows that BitDefender's services are loading. That never finishes. Also, I found the list of installed programs in Windows' Uninstall Programs menu was unusually short. The only listed installed programs started with Mi.. or Mo.. I figured out how to uninstall the junk programs without using the Uninstall Programs menu and used the free version of MBAM to clean up the remaining parts. Unfortunately BitDefender still doesn't work and programs are still missing. I tried using Microsoft's System Restore but that didn't fix the problems. I undid the restore. I fixed a problem like this before, with some help from a forum, without reinstalling everything but can't remember how I did it. I might be able to give a link to the dodgy website if that helps anyone sort out what happened.


  • I gave up. I restored the operating system to like new- reupgraded, reinstalled, and reupdated everything. No problems now.