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Security Report


Couple of things wrong here.

The default settings is dumb, instead I have made it better and also use quarantine. Is there a reason why this message cannot be removed? Same applies for the exclusion - I'm the one who defined them so therefore I don't have to review them. I would like this report to show something of concern, and not note something worthless like the below.

Your product needs tweaking. Follow our recommendations to make sure that the functionalities are configured properly.

Bitdefender recommendations:

Make sure that all infected files detected are properly cleaned just by tweaking the real-time protection actions. We recommend you to keep the default actions in Antivirus Settings > Shield.

When you exclude folders from scan you put your computer at risk because the files moved there will never be scanned. Check your list in Antivirus Settings > Exclusions and make sure you include here only items that can't pose a threat.


  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    I don't see the default settings as "dumb" - you may consider them so for the settings you want but imo the majority of BD users will just run the program in autopilot and never adjust anything. I see your point about being reminded about the exclusions you have added but the report is only once a week, other things could come up for your attention, and you can always turn off the notification about the report being available.

  • I'll rephrase it.

    "Your product needs tweaking".

    "Follow our recommendations to make sure that the functionalities are configured properly".

    Those 2 statements are false. My product does not require tweaking, I do not want the product to automatically delete "stuff", as it does on certain actions. I want to see what it picked up and then make my decision, this is the proper action. Secondly, it is configured correctly - this warning should come up had I stopped AV or disabled Firewall etc. But it's coming up because I've excluded folders to ensure it doesn't do something stupid there.

    So if this product was 100% accurate and could predict everything then I could let it run lose on my system, but it isn't. No product is, yet their recommendation is that I do exactly that. It's fairly easy to update this from their side if they chose to, however it won't be IMO.