Editing Application Rules


My Application Rules list has 154 exe files listed

- I last accessed these settings 14 months ago, and now there are a lot more items than then

- obviously many of them are required (system files and authenticated programs)

- I have discovered many programs have added them selves to the list ... including a lot of dead files (ie, uninstalled EXE files) :blink:

To edit the list is extremely laborious because the list is not in any order that I can identify (eg, fullpath).

- when I do locate an item to remove ... [Remove Rule] ... removes the item and the list then scrolls to item one.

- extremely frustrating when I am trying to clean the list -OR- trying to ensure I don't duplicate an item.

Is there an INI file or data-base (sqlite?) file I can edit so that I "don't-lose-my-place" while viewing or editing ?

- if it is possible to copy the list to a spreadsheet, would make life a lot easier.

- at the current rate it will take me days, which I cannot afford to go through the list

Thank you :)




I am considering upgrading to "NEW Bitdefender" (if this castes a different light onto my request)


  • There is no feature ... that is why I posted.

    Found "Rules.xml" contents look suspiciously like the "Application Rules" list. Tested three paths

    Now to write a ****** to loop thru a TXT copy of the XML file and extract all paths

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