File Encryption With Dropbox And Googledrive

I just installed bitdefender and see the file encryption feature. Is this compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive local folders? That is, can I put the Dropbox folder in an encrypted vault and not have it interfere with dropbox cloud sync?


  • Hello bal100 and welcome to the Bitdefender forums.

    The scenario is not possible unless you leave the Bitdefender vault open. This defies, however, the purpose of having a file vault.

    Please post back if you have other questions, thank you!

  • Dropbox encryption uses 256-bit AES keys to protect files at rest, and encrypts data in motion with 128-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption or better. Google Drive encryption is similar; files in motion are protected using 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption, while those at rest are encrypted with 128-bit AES keys.

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