Ipod Troubles

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Hi all.

I've just bought a new iPod shuffle and cannot download / install the drivers required for it to sync with my iTunes account.

I took the iPod back to the Apple store and it immediately worked (synced) with the machine there.

Have used all the Apple support available online, and was wondering if it may be an issue with Bitdefender not allowing the iPod driver to be installed on my machine??

The reason that I think this is:

1. I connect (sync) my iPhone using the same computer and port and it works fine.

2. The machine is telling me that it is downloading the required driver, but "access is denied" (error message) to install it?? See attachment.

I hope someone can help me as I'm becoming pretty frustrated!! Would it be the firewall (or similar) not allowing the driver to be installed??


/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=12814" data-fileid="12814" rel="">Error_message_iPod_driver_02052014.doc