Serious Installation Problems


Bought the "Total Security" package at a retailer (future shop) saturday may 31 2014, installed it tonight (june 1st) and when I put in the "registration key" on the back of the disc envelope (no other keys were included anywhere in or outside of the box. It keeps reporting that the key was invalid. I'm mad as ###### since I just paid $60 plus taxes for what amounts to a 30 day demo thats letting in every piece of malware on the planet into my system. Needless to say I feel very ripped off and am fuming, and justifiably so. I've already opened a ticket but since its the weekend I don't expect a response anytime soon. What really burns me is cause its software and I couldn't discover this problem until after the package was opened I'm stuck with it. The store sure as ###### won't take it back even though it clearly doesn't work. I'm on disablility and theres absolutely no way I can keep going out buying yet more software until I find something that works.

On a side note I've been looking online and found reports of this happening as far back as 2010, its galling that a c ompany like bitdefender can have this problem going on for years and do so damned little to solve these problems. It's as if they just don't give a ###### about paying customers at all.


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    Hello James,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender forums.

    Please post your ticket ID received when contacting Bitdefender support to see what happened.

    Thank you very much, looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi James,

    Is everything OK now? Please post back if you still need help.