Installation Issues With Total Security

Hello everyone!

I'm going to start off by apologizing, due to the high number of posts regarding same-type issues. I've read pretty much 100 different topics regarding the same symptoms I'm encountering. The issue, for me, is that none of the solutions I've come across actually fix my issues.

My problem started when I loaded up Windows 7 (Home Edition), after a normal reboot. I logged in, and was greeted with my Bitdefender TS opening; instead of a green circle, I had to stare at a red circle with a giant 'X' in the middle. Obviously, this was out of the norm, so I moused over and saw there was a problem with connectivity. I tried connecting, even through Windows networking, but every time I tried to connect, it went straight to a "fail" or "unable to connect" or some other form of "not working" answer. This is when I started researching the problem.

One of the other posts on these forums led me to do a repair of my BD, utilizing Start > All Programs > Bitdefender > Repair or Uninstall. At first, I thought it was going to work, as a window popped up, allowing me to either uninstall or repair. I clicked on repair, which then showed two progress bars; uninstall, install. The un-installation went smoothly. As the progress bar moved up for the install, it stopped at 25%. I figured it was just a really long installation, as I've seen with many programs before, and decided to wait. After two hours, it remained stuck at 25%. I knew something was wrong, at this point. I closed the program, and went back to Repair or Uninstall. To my dismay, the program had already been uninstalled, so there was nothing in the Start menu. This is when I decided to try the restart, as suggested many times on these forums....

I was greeted with the worst of all startu-ps; BSOD. Luckily, after my laptop rebooted, it ended up telling me something was wrong (GASP!) and followed up with a system recovery, loading up my Windows by a couple days. After another reboot, I got back into Windows as normal. This time, instead of seeing my BitDefender opening (at all), my system tray showed "Bitdefender services are loading now, please wait." And again, the forums were plagued with this issue, mostly directed to downloading the BD Uninstall utility. Luckily, I found a download link that actually worked, then uninstalled BD. The same forum discoveries led me to downloading TotalSecurity 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014 (whichever, all were suggested at some point), and this is where the problems really lie. When I click on ANY download link on the forums, I can't get a full load of the site or a download box to popup. In layman's, I can't download Bitdefender installation exe's. Any exe's.

I came to the realization I still had the original installation file (score!). This file, however, doesn't work. I open the file, and I'm greeted by an installation box, which stays at 0% and two "Estimating..." for time until completion. These don't change at all. Ever. Now, I can't install BD.

After more research, people suggested uninstalling BD in safe mode. Since I had already uninstalled BD, I decided to do a manual system recovery, which loaded me back into Windows with BD re-installed, prior issues of not properly loading still occuring. I then rebooted, this time starting up in safe mode. I then did an uninstall, using the Uninstall Utility. After booting back up, I tried installing BD with the original tool I had downloaded for my first installation, then was greeted with the same issue as stated above; an installation box appears, stays at 0%, shows "Estimating" as time remaining, and never changes.

After this, I did another system recovery, just to have Bitdefender installed, but I still see "services loading, please wait". I feel like I have literally tried everything. I need something.

To reiterate, I can't download Bitdefender Total Security through the links provided on these same forums. A new tab opens in Firefox, but it remains in a loading state.

So, that was a lot of typing. I hope it makes enough sense, since I went through so much to be back at square one. If I need to clarify anything, please tell me to do so.


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    @ Penguin Maniac

    Welcome to the Bitdefender forums.

    You mention that you "can't download Bitdefender installation exe's. Any exe's." Is there a specific error message you get?

    If you are using Internet Explorer as web browser, please try with another browser such as Google Chrome.

    Also, have you tried downloading the Bitdefender kit in Safe Mode with Networking?

    If the issue persists and you have an open ticket with Bitdefender support, please post back your ticket ID to do a research on your case. Thank you!