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Access To Modem\router


Ive just installed bitdefender plus 2014, i am not able to log in to the modem web server (, i get the following message "Protected Object Username or Password error", i did not have this problem earlier, how do i fix this?

thanx in advance


  • I use Antivirus Plus and it doesn't block access to my BT Home Hub 4. It didn't block access to my old Netgear router either. There are no firewall components in Antivirus Plus. Which browser are you using and what model is the router?

    Regardless of my question, it may be worth trying the browser in safe mode/incognito so that the Bitdefender plugins are disabled when accessing the router. It may help in your instance to either get round or rule out Bitdefender being problematic.

  • Was there a power outage recently? That could be a possible cause, that the router changed back to default password. How about trying to input it? I mean the default password.

    Another thing that you can try is use another browser. 1.gif