"add" Option To The Context Menu Disable Antivirus


The staff needs to be respected,Please next update،Quick option to disable antivirus،BitDefender AntiVirus icon in the right-click menu The system tray To add.




  • Disable until reboot would be the equivalent of disabling it I think. The reason for this option I think is just for testing purposes. Ultimately, we need to have optimal up time. Just a "Disable" feature would lead users forget enabling it, thus even if your computer is being rebooted, protection will still be disabled, worst case scenario. 1.gif

  • antikythera
    edited August 2014

    any such option is used entirely at the end user's discretion. also sometimes there is a need for AV to be disabled after restart too.

    you can have multiple choices for this:

    -disable for XX minutes (increments of 5/10/15/30/60 minutes for example selectable in a drop down list)

    -disable until restart

    -disabled user controlled (permanently off until re-enabled by user - sometimes necessary for program or system driver installation that completes after a restart for example)

    if the user 'forgets' about turning off AV protection, the security gadget or task tray icon would soon alert them to the fact protection is disabled.

  • Like I said, if this option was added to the context menu was not so great.

    I know how to disable antivirus,My suggestion was that only in this way that the image of the first posts I AntiVirus icon is added to the context menu.

    But only for quick access to Disable Anti-Virus :)


  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭
    edited August 2014

    I agree that it would be a nice addition, the three time options as shown in the OP are fine, I don't see a need for a lot of choices and, as antikythera says, the tray icon/widget will give enough warning if someone forgets to re-enable it. :)

  • However, this option makes it faster and easier to get System tray icons Bitdefender to disable antivirus. ^_^

    The addition of this option will help users. :rolleyes: