Bitdefender Not Detecting A Trojan Virus.

I do daily system scans for my computer and every once in a while I check in on the scan to see how it's doing (if it's found any suspicious/infected items) and yesterday evening I noticed a file I've never seen it scan before. It was called VirtMem and because I didn't recognize it, I looked it up in a simple Google search to make sure it wasn't anything harmful, and I'm happy I did that. I found out that it's a trojan virus, and that many members had a similar problem with it, however only one of those members received an answer from one of the tech support people, none of the others who also posted on that topic stating they had the same issue. The topic was from two or three years ago, if I recall correctly and still nothing. So I did what that technical support member advised the asker to do and disabled System Restore for Windows and ran another scan, this time monitoring it. The same thing occurred, it scanned the VirtMem file and did nothing about it. I payed enough for this virus protector and MalwareBytes for premium editions and yet I still am having issues. If this isn't fixed I'll have to cancel my account and buy a different service.


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    I noticed a file ... called VirtMem ... scanned ... did nothing about it. ... If this isn't fixed I'll have to cancel my account and buy a different service.

    I looked for anything regarding a VirtMem file. Somewhere on the web I found a file named virtmem.exe. The size of the file is 129,536 bytes. I had it analyzed at a Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner which listed all 54 different scan engines it covers rating it as a safe file. Since no detection engine found it unsafe it stated the file is:

    :)Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use.

    The analysis gave me information stating the file is somehow related to something called Fortran Powerstation (Microsoft) and it has a compilation timestamp 1995-10-06 03:01:33. However, since you say it is dangerous, I am deleting it after I finish writing. Yet it is probably harmless. I am not clear this is the same file you have so you may need to figure that by yourself. But I think no other service is going to detect a problem with your file. Anyway, remember detection is only one of the protection layers that Bitdefender gives you. You remain protected by other layers, e.g., b-have and active virus control.

  • VirtMem is not a problem, I can find nothing whatever on any malware source for that file.

    It is as stated part of a Microsoft Fortran Power Station.

    Daily scans are totally unwarranted with modern AV systems , Bitdefender scans your system in the background. A quick scan once a week at most, and a full scan every 2-3 months , or if you have seen suspicious activity.

  • Alright, thanks guys! I appreciate your help!