Defaults For Autopilot Are Too Aggressive

I'm a first time Bitdefender user, moving from Kaspersky.

I have found that the default option for dealing with suspected infected files is to delete them, which I find rather too aggressive based upon the potential of there being a false positive.

I managed to find a way for things to be quarantined so that I can make a more informed decision, which has helped but only after I ran my first complete scan that found things that I know not to be any danger, only to find them deleted without any warning.

First time users should at least be given a clear indication by means of a pop-up that gives them the choice of whether to delete or quarantine.

At least quarantine gives people the option to review something before it gets deleted.

The 'install and forget' mo######r is fine but could lead to dissatisfaction if there is either no initial wizard process or better default settings.