Forum - Tapatalk

I would like to suggest using the Tapatalk forum system for mobile devices. At the moment you can only view the forum as per the desktop computer on mobile phones and tablets. This is not great but works. Whereas with Tapatalk it would be much easier. Either that or please enable the mobile view in the forum's existing back end.


  • Agreed, I don't use Tapatalk but a mobile version would be appreciated, after all BD do provide mobile devices with an AV/Security app.

  • I didn't use tapatalk either but tried it after using another forum that kept prompting me to try it. It is a nice app when you get used to the layout. There aren't that many forums on there that I like or use but I believe it has potential for here. I don't know if there is a cost for using the Tapatalk system as far as the forum maintainers are concerned but for the end user viewing forums it is free.

    The main reason I posted though was the scalability of text and how fiddly it is to reply using only a touch screen with the forum in it's current full fat only format. My phone has a 4.5" 1280x800 screen so a little zooming and scrolling is necessary.

    If tapatalk is not a viable option then a mobile ready formatted site (which can be done with the current forum's backend system) would surely suffice.