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Bittorrent Client Slowdowns And Other Things


Hi, I just with Antivirus Plus 2015 from now, took advantage of free 6-month license, all fine looks, system is 64-bit Windows 7, but some questions there, if you please confirm and resolve they, thanks.

Main point/feature request:

Is you plan to do something with bittorrent client slowdowns specifically in some scenarious like mine - client is Vuze, Bitdefender delay a lot startup torrents loading, notably with big number of torrents? I know, that is common issue for antivirus products, and nevertheless. Vuze is on RAM-disk for sure. Maybe kind of new innovative techniques for this cases.

Other queries (if they not addressed yet):

1. Sometime some tray entries (e.g. "Show" and "About") not appears instantly, I mean clicking, not from the first attempts/clicking, I'm not sure for that, need your verify.

2. Is there possibility to add to a tray items - Events and Quarantine entries, and mandatory Exclusions one? Would be just good.

3. Can you add-in to the overall behaviour confirmation with option to append infection to exclusions on the fly?


  • darge
    append infection to exclusions on the fly?

    Do you mean like a pop up on what you want to do if a threat is encountered? I think that's already possible. 1.gif

  • nnn
    Do you mean like a pop up on what you want to do if a threat is encountered? I think that's already possible. 1.gif

    Looks like this is not quite configurable.

    Some another issues to devs, if not reported so far ...

    4. Once license info opened, then it not releases automatically, all the more so after closing window ("Bitdefender Wizard Registration Launcher" process) ...


    That's accordingly spreads to frequentative license stuff opening.


    Possible with About window same.

    5. Can please product scan proceed additional automatic and urgent scans in obvious places like user's desktop and user's system profile folder(s), and so on?


    Yesterday BD was catch infections after I launch other anti-malware tool, at folders right on desktop. That threats on my control for true.

    6. Can you please design current active scanning information window, with all statistics since system start? Really lacks this one, and I'm not found that in present build.