Bye Bye Bitdefender - Poor Service!


Very poor customer service, even non-existent, stops me renewing my subscription. Shame, as the reviews appear to be very good.


  • Rohugh

    Hello toad,

    Shame you feel the need to move on. If you have a problem with BD Support and have been in contact via e-mail you will have a Ticket ID, post it on here and it will allow one of the BD team to check it out and follow it up for you.


  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭

    Hello toad,

    We are sorry to see you leave.

    As per forum rules:

    Topics related to the lack of response from the support department need to be backed up by as much information as possible concerning the issue that you have been facing. When you send an e-mail to support a Ticket ID will automatically be created - make sure to mention it in the forum post for it will speed up the entire process.

    Thank you for your understanding.