Windows Restore

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Hi, i unistalled BD to procced to Windows Restore, but after that the BD was back and now it didn't work and neither i can't unistall it or reinstall it. I use windows 8.1 64 bits. I have tried Programs and Resources but do not appear anything . The Windows not recognise any AV or firewall in moment.

Thanks for help.


  • Have you tried the Uninstall tool, or just the uninstall from Control Panel/Programs?

  • I have tried just panel control. i didn't know that uninstall tool. I will try it right now. Thanks.

  • Hi ynivers, how did the uninstall work for you? By the way, an FYI, you need to have only 1 security software or it might cause a conflict. 1.gif

  • Hi stridert, it worked fine. Then I installed the Bitdefender 2015.

    I just had one software, The New Bitdefender, but I had unistalled it to make to work the Windows Restore. After that i cound't install BD again. It just appeared a message: There is already a version installed.

    So, I had already uninstalled e I could't install. That's a problem. Haha.

    After helping from Rohugh, it works fine.

  • After helping from Rohugh, it works fine.

    Good to hear. :)