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Banner Blocker

edited October 2014 in Feature request

Bitdefender definitely needs an ad banner blocker. Most independent test agencies say that bitdefender has only one close competitor(Your forum rules prohibit naming them).I have been evaluating both products. if there is one reason that I would switch to your competitor is cause it has a banner blocker,though they have a pretty cool network monitor to :). But as far as practical features/tools go an ad banner blocker is a must for users who spend a lot of time online.


  • nick2000mu
    edited October 2014

    The above post was last night when I reinstalled bit defender and thought that it was working properly at last :mellow: . But no... problems again this morning and had to uninstall it. Have revisited bitdefender again and again after letting independent test results influence me. Just goes to show that one should look at user reviews to.

    Bitdefender may be the best at catching virus but as far as practical usability goes it really isn't up there.

  • Hi Sid, there is another approach to this. Adding modules like this I think would only make the program less lightweight. But there are things that can be done like using your browser's default pop up block as an example. Kindly check the post below and I hope it would shed you some light on this. 1.gif