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Just installed Bitdefender and am very impressed. Much better interface than the competitor beginning with K...

However, I use imap to sync pc and tablet, so no antispam support.

It would be great if imap support were added.


  • Rohugh

    Hello Toolatedave,

    This has been asked for and BD have said that it is something they are looking at and hope to include, although they don't know when. You are almost too late Dave with this request. :D


  • Thanks for the info - sounds like it's BD who's too late!


  • nnn

    Can you please also include Antispam module to BD Antivirus Plus 2015, really lacks this one.

  • I guess right now, all we can do is wait patiently. The developers might just need time to develop this and insert it with their busy schedule. 1.gif

  • antikythera
    edited October 2014

    one of the reasons I like AV Plus is it doesn't have antispam and all the extras from IS that I don't want or need. If you need antispam then IS is the product for you.