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Prevent Usb Storage Opening User Until Scan And Cleaning Completed

edited October 2014 in Feature request

Hi all,

I think it would be a good feature if the bitdefender added an option to prevent the user opening the USB storage (flash drives) until Bitdefender completed scan and auto heal/remove infections in the device (if there's any malware). Just like the AVG. Also, it's better if we can choose automatically disinfect or clean the USB storage (flash drives) after it completed the scan. These useful features already available in the AVG free edition too.


  • Hi. I think that this is a sound idea but not useful to me. There will be times that a scan is ongoing and I have an emergency to really USB a flash drive. Just my opinion though. 1.gif

  • nnn

    Absolutely good thing, thanks for that.

    BD just may prefer deactivate/remove obvious threats from USB and removable disk drives rather than full scanning.