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Total Security And Windows 10 Tech Preview


hi all,

i have recently installed windows 10 technical preview build 9860.

i tried to install total security from dvd and web site to no avail.

i have been informed by the microsoft forum that BD Free is working.

what is the progress if any to update your software to work with windows 10.

i am currently using malwarebytes as an interim. and may stick with it.

i was given a laptop to repair last week that was full of malware and two major trojans.

it took me two days to clean this and get back onto the internet(using malwarebytes).

THING IS the laptop was protected by bitdefender total security(2014) which was installed on my recomedation.

any sensible feedback please.


  • Rohugh

    There is at the moment no support from Bitdefender for Windows 10 TP, (post from Georgia) there have been a couple of topics already about this. Obviously doing this is at your own risk.

  • Having no support yet to Windows 10 yet is understandable. This isn't the final version yet and who knows what Microsoft will change prior to releasing the final version. I'd wait for it though. 1.gif