Different Command Options Of Same .exe Result In Firewall Blocking...

There is an annoying behaviour while connecting for example to GPG key servers with BDIS-2014 firewall is turned ON in Paranoid mode.

gpgkeys_hkp.exe is used for connecting to OpenPgp key servers, some options differ while each request (-o "X:\tempin.txt").

So if request is allowed and stored in BD firewall, on next attempt with changed options firewall blocks this new request...

How to configure BD firewall rule for these differing options?

gpgkeys_hkp.exe internet access should be allowed with all the differing options attached, pls look at screenshots.

Thx for help, best regards!




  • How about if you select bot TCP and UDP? It might be possible that the connection will be using both connection. 1.gif

  • Fixed:

    Switch BDIS firewall to automatic mode, access all necessary servers, switch back to Paranoid mode...