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Safepay's Bluring Issue In High Dpi Screens


Because You Can't Take An Screenshot In SafePay I Can't Give You An Screenshot

But For Example Google Chrome Added Its High DPI Support In Version 37

We, High DPI Screen Users Are Like Other Users

It Would Be Great To Make SafePay Use-full To Us To

Because Of Blur Issue I Never Use Safepay Because It Is Too Annoying To Use

Based On Things That I Have Read On Internet About It

Users Most Of Use Displays With They Almost Have The Same Density Of Pixels (DPI)

For Example 17 inch is (1440.900) Or 22 Inch Is (1920.1080)

So Program Developers Making The Size of The Program For That Kind Of Screens (Even Their Screens Are From Those Kind Of Screen)

But, For Example Some Screens Like Mine That Is Is 15 Inch And 1920.1080 Have Higher DPI

SO Every Things Becomes Small (Because Of High DPI) .So In DPI Setting You Put Zoom On 150% Zoom Or 125%

So Windows's Programs Becoming Bigger (Bigger Makes Windows's Windows And Texts Large As Large Other Normal Screens)

But Here Is ISSUE "Installed Programs Can Be Bigger If The Program Developer Had Considered It"

If Program Developers Don't Do It, That Program Becomes Big But It Will Be Blur (It Is Like Making bigger A Small Image (It Becomes Blur))

With These Programs You can Do One Thing

By Right Click On That Program -- Properties /Compatibility /Ticking "Disable Display Scaling On High DPI Setting"

You can Make The Size Of That Program Default But Default Means Small

So Blur Is Blur To Use And Not Blur is Small To Use

Any Way I Don't Know Where Is exe File Of SafePay

So There Is One You Can Do (As I Have Learned) (And My Knowledge Can Be Wrong Or imperfect)

Make Your Program sth Work With HIGH DPI Setting Or In Other Word "Adding Self-adaption with the DPI"

Is This Too Hard For Developer Team To Add High DPI Support?

Unlike The Old Days Today There Are Lot Of More High DPI Screens

Do It For Once To Finish It Once Forever