Antispam Not Working - My Mails Still Go To "spam" Folder

Hi there,

Since a few time, I observe that some of the mails sent by my NAS are automatically directed to the spam folder in Outlook.

The only way I can have them in my Inbox is by desabling the Spam feature in Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 ... I have already tried to put the mail adress as "friend", etc .... but no luck. How may have this working ?

thanks !!


  • Hi. You might want to try these steps and hope it works for you. Make sure by the way that the email address that you specified is not on the Spammers list too.

    1. Open your mail client.

    2. Go to the junk mail folder where spam messages are moved.

    3. Select the legitimate message incorrectly marked as [spam] by Bitdefender.

    5. Click the Not Spam button on the Bitdefender antispam toolbar (normally

    located in the upper part of the mail client window). The e-mail message

    will be moved to the Inbox folder.

    Also, when you configured Friends List, can you also try to add it as domain? Like "*". 1.gif