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Secure Keyboard Input


Please can you add option to Enable Secure Keyboard Input?

What is Secure Data Input? When you enter your confidential data (for example, your login and password in an E-Store) using your keyboard, there is a risk that this personal information is intercepted using hardware keyboard interceptors or keyloggers, which are programs that register keystrokes. Then, this information will be transferred to hackers/cyber criminals via the Internet.

To select the categories of websites, in the Secure Data Input settings window on the Categories section check the boxes:

Password entry fields on all websites.

All data entry fields for Safe Money.

Online banking systems.

Payment systems.

Social networks.

Online dating websites.

Mail services.




  • Rohugh

    Hiya Nirjonadda,

    This is all available from Safepay which is a feature of all the paid versions of Bitdefender. If you are concerned about keyloggers you should be entering all that data via Safepay.


  • Nirjonadda

    Sir, I am not talking with Safepay. I asked to Enable Secure Keyboard Input for Other Web Browser (Firefox,Chrome)

  • im user of Kaspersky :) perfect av

    secure data input is read more

    See video how it works