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Mac Online Dashboard Integraiton


I already have a support ticket open, but might as well throw it out here too.

Upon reviewing the somewhat limited material for the 2015 Family Pack bundle, I made the purchase. Unfortunately, I did not install any trial versions before the purchase as I probably should have.

My understanding purchasing this suite was that any clients that had the product family installed (e.x. Macs, PCs, android/ios mobile devices) would show up in the online dashboard with the ability to locate, update, scan as applicable.

Unfortunately, what nobody tells you or implies is that installing the Mac anti-virus component (and registering, of course) does not enable any of my two Mac laptops to show up in the online dashboard.


  • glad to see the vendor actively following up on these requests....

    for those reading - still literally no word whatsoever from bitdefender regarding why my Macs won't show up in my dashboard even thought it seems implied in all the product advertisements all my devices would