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Autoscan External Usb Drives Bug


Just noticed that Bitdefender was scanning my USB backup drive even though I have gone into the program and disabled that feature through Protection -> Antivirus Settings -> Exclusions. I verified those files were being accessed by Bitdefender via Windows 8.1 Resource Monitor. Then I noticed the Big "B" Desktop widgit had the number 4 in the bottom. I clicked on that, read the messages, marked them read and the number went to 3. I clicked that again, got some new notices, marked them read, and the number went to 0. Then the scanning on my drive stopped.

The messages weren't at all relevant - most were dated more than 2 weeks ago and none were related to scanning my drives. When I tell the program to NOT SCAN EXTERNAL DRIVES, I expect it to not scan external drives, period. It is aggravating to put a DVD into my DVD player and not be able to use it because Bitdefender has it locked down, or for my external HDD to get hot because it's being accessed non-stop for an hour or two.

Please get this fixed.

Thank you.