Idle Scan Scanning While I Am Far From Idle.


Idle scan eats up my cpu when I am very much active and NOT Idle on my computer. If this problem is fixed in 2015 I dont care because the 2015 version forces me to uninstall Spyware Blaster and Malwarebytes which is a joke.

If there is anyway this can be fixed with the 2014 version, I will be extremely grateful. (Yes I can turn off Idle scan but that is only a lazy temporary fix)


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    The Idle Scan is a recurring scan of the system which only uses empty slots. As resource consumption it has close to zero impact on the system and it is invisible to the user. It does not scan only when the PC is idle, despite the name.

    Please uninstall all the other security solutions first, then restart the computer for the changes to take effect. We'll take the chance and remind you that the EULA clearly states that you should not install Bitdefender along other security solutions.

    If the issue persists please upgrade to Bitdefender 2015:

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Open a new topic in the new area if you encounter further issues after the upgrade.

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