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Refund For Auto-renewal Problem


There is an unwanted auto-renewal via Avangate BV that orders the following products (total security 2015 and internet security 2015) on 4/4/2015.

Invoice No: BV17781795

Order No: 37598275

At first I have though that there is someone who has stolen my credit card to order these two products. But now I recognize that it is not the case that someone has stolen my account, but the problem of auto-renewal via Avangate BV as the authorized vendor of Bitdefender. As far as I know I didn't get any warning email or notice about renewing my licence. In fact I didn't know anything about the fact that I had authorized Bitdefender for an auto-renew process. I was so surprising when I have received mail from Paypal that a payment had been done via Avangate BV.

It really bothers me to pay for something that I don't need and without any warning what so ever. In fact I bought a new total security 2015 just a few day before.

I seek a refund for these two unwanted extra-products. I have posted my question to support center on 4/4. It's been almost 2 days now and I haven't received anything from my email.

Please tell me any suggestion. Thanks a lot.