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From: Firewall

fedor Defender of the month mod

I use Bitdefender Total Security 2015 under Windows 7, and I note that the "advanced" tab configuration of the firewall has disappeared. This is not the first time this has happened. Each time I must resume my notes and redefine advanced options for each of the programs.


1 - why the configuration of the Firewall disappears?

2 - Is there a possibility to maintain the configuration of the Firewall in order to reinstall it in the event of loss of configuration?

Thanks for your help. Juanma

bonsoir juanma78,

a tu d'autre protection antivirus,antimalwares,antispywares,.....?

si oui il faut les desinstaller.

a tu desactiver le pare feu windows ainsi que windows defender?

desactive le controle parental windows live s'il est installer.

si tu a des logiciels d'optimisation genre tuneup;glary utilities il faut les desinstaller.

comment est regler ton pare feu bitdefender?

tente une reparation bitdefender en suivant le lien:

bonne soirée.