Suggested Enhancements


I just completed my 30 day eval. I think your product is great. I want to test a couple of other products. Just some suggestions to improve your product.

A scheduler - I'm sure everyone has said this too

A warning during the install to switch to not using an Admin or root account.

An option to automatically migrate your user account to standard or an option to remove Administrator and make the account standard. This is the number one thing your company can do to make a computer more secure. I don't know why this isn't in every anti-virus product on the market. Yes, some things will or may stop working. But a warning about that gives the person a choice. They may have to reinstall some software. Yes, a little messy but just VERY critical in today's market.

Full support for NAS including UNC drive mappings.


  • I think for NAS support, it would only be applicable at Enterprise version. No home users will use it. 1.gif

  • Nu am de facut propuneri asupra partii tehnice a produsului (Bitdefender Internet Antivirus 2015) ci asupra CD-ului cu licenta care se distribuie /vinde. Concret, dupa ce an instalat (in 2015) odata Bitdefender, din motive (posibil) subiective, am efectuat stergerea si re-instalarea de inca 2 ori pe acelasi PC. Cand am vrut sa instalez produsul pe alte doua sisteme (un PC si un Laptop) am constatat ca ... nu se mai descarca nimic ! Conform licentei, pot sa instalez produsul pe 3 sisteme (diferite) dar, deocamdata, am impresia ca se descarca/instaleaza doar de 3 ori (in total) fara a se verifica daca este vorba de un singur sistem sau de sisteme diferite. Daca e asa, atunci fac propunerea "sa se poata descarca/instala produsul Bitdefender pe 3 sisteme diferite (indiferent de numarul de incercari pe acelasi sistem) si NU de 3 ori IN TOTAL".