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Hello all. Did BD change something recently? I was just thinking how smooth it has been operating and then is see this yellow exclamation point. I posted a screenshot of it. Now i know Bd does not scan pw protected items like zips and system images and a few other files but never saw this before tonight. Always had a green your system is clean. I uninstalled BD and reinstalled but same yellow exclamation point. There is no way i an scanning 957 pw protected files 1 at a time and don't really care about scanning them. That yellow is driving me nuts which is a short trip. I did not see any option to stop scanning pw protected files. Any help would be great.



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    I just added the password protected files and folders as exclusions for scanning. I am not sure what caused this to happen with the yellow ! mark but by adding the folders and files in as exclusions it now says ok because there are no pw protected items included in scan. I wish there was a option to just ignore them all together but i did it manually because i could not find that option.

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    Password protected archives are not infected files and they are not a threat for your system. You have here all the details about password protected items:

  • I think you should manually scan those password protected folders just to be sure. Quick one here please. Let's say I have the same passwords for 3 folders, can we scan those 3 folders simultaneously? 1.gif