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Audio Event Notifications


I would like to see a user option in General Settings to set off an audio message notifying users that they have a new Event message. The Widget is neat but it is hidden behind the browser and other apps. So you might be using your computer for a number of hours before knowing you have an event notification. Now I realize some event notifications are juist informational, so maybe just allow an audio option for Critical Event Nofications. I would want to see if off by default but allow the user to turn it on if they so choose. If it is a critical Event Notification I would like to see the audio messaage repeat every thirty minutes until it is handled. Audio notifications would be turned off when Windows is locked so they don't wake people up in the middle of the night. Activate them only when the user is logged in.


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    I agree with you completely. Particularly when browsing and doing Google searches and stuff, I have often exited a lengthy browsing session to find number "Web Protection" events being reported. It would be great if BD would incorporate your suggestion in a new version. I know that I would turn on the feature.

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  • Great idea. This has my vote as well! 1.gif