Version Is Out - Compatible With Windows 10 (only?)

edited July 2015 in Update

I got the link from Bitdefender Support. The file size is about 357MB. They said that the installer should be online Wednesday 29th.

They recommened against installing this version, v19, on W7 or W8.X. I only installed it on my W10.

They recommended for those upgrading from W7-SP1 or W8.1 to W10 to do the upgrade to version 19 during the Windows upgrade process as explained on their Hot For Security website.

It sounds like those who remain on W7 and W8.X will not get a version 19 through the update process. With BD 2016 is due out on August 29th so version 18 may be the last version number for BD 2015 on W7-SP1 and W8.1 computers.

Version 19 may only be compatible with Windows 10.

Anyway it installed on my W10 without a problem. Vsserv.exe memory usage after a reboot and after a System Scan are about the same as version 18 on my W7-SP1 and W8.1 computers.