Bd 2015 Ignores Exclusions


What's the point of exclusions being an option if BD is going to ignore them?

I have a file that I know is clean, and yet BD says it contains a generic trojan (it doesn't). I've added it to each of the three exclusion lists. Still gets removed.

I've disabled the AV, still gets removed.

I've uninstalled it - it works!

Seriously, I'm going to enquire about a refund at this rate. It cannot be possible that the only way to stop BD from being a complete and utter nanny is to uninstall it, run the program and then install it again afterward.


  • Hi Wakers, exclusion is working fine as far as I know. Can you please describe how you added the file/files/directory? This is to double check. 1.gif

  • Rohugh

    Hiya Wakers,

    Your file is obviously being detected as a probable false positive and blocked. Adding to exclusions is not working.

    Please report this to Bitdefender using the Sample or URL Submit form and they will sort it out for you. :)


  • I am having the same problem. Seems to me that the exclusion option is not connected to the scanning engine. The only way around this for me is to shut down the on-acces option.

    But it has all come to be a little too much hassle for me. I have contacted their support 3 times for the past two days, and only gotten a standard response refering to the FAQ section - and with no reply to my additional writing back as suggested in the mails. My last support request hasn't even got further than me receiving the confirmation email. I think that sort af behavior does not match the willingness their sales department shows.

    My final solution is uninstalling the software and replacing it with Webroot, it has all the tweeking options I like and the exclusion has 3 options, Delete, Allow and Monitor.