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A More Configurable Firewall



I would really like a more configurable firewall. The current one is pretty basic in terms of any user-set rules/configuration. I can't bind all traffic to a certain interface (say, public or home network for a VPN). And even setting a rule is next to impossible - the application will create another and the user-set rule will be ignored (treated as a duplicate).

This is troublesome. I'd like to use Internet Security or even Total (what I have currently), but if I can't set firewall rules, then Antivirus is probably what I'll be purchasing next time. That or just going free and using Windows firewall or Comodo, Zonealarm, etc.

I'd really like to see this is BD 2016. Even if it has to be an Advanced mode or something, this would be a great addition! I wouldn't have to use a third-party firewall (or Windows firewall) anymore!



  • Hi, do you mean like tunnel all traffic to an interface or virtual interface? That feature is not for a firewall, rather VPN already. 1.gif

    Or what do you mean specifically by "bind"?