Turn Off On-access Scanning For 10 Minutes?


Is there a way to turn off on-access scanning temporarily?

Like when I am installing a software (from a trusted source)?

I could do that in older versions, but I don't see any way to do that now.



  • Georgia
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    Hi Aloke,

    To temporarily turn off On-access scanning from Bitdefender follow these steps:

    1) Open Bitdefender and click Protection

    2) Click Antivirus and go to Shield tab

    3) Turn off the button next to On-access scanning. At this point you will be asked "For how long do you want to disable the Antivirus protection?". Select the amount of time you need then click OK.

    Bitdefender will automatically re-enable On-access scanning after that time elapses.

    Feel free to reply if you need further guidance.

  • Thanks.

    For some reason I remember this as being available with a right-click of the icon in the system tray. Maybe that was for an earlier version of BD...

    This is good too.

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭

    Hello, to my knowledge this option was not available for Bitdefender products released in the past 5 years.

    I am now closing this thread. If you have further questions related to Bitdefender services/products please open a new topic. Thank you!

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