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Uninstall/repair From Windows 10


From the Control Panel>Programs and Features we used to be able to uninstall/Repair Bitdefender, now when clicking Bitdefender it only gives the installation window (see attached).

I don't want to either uninstall or repair at the moment but for future reference what do we do? Uninstall from the BD Uninstall tool - if it works for this version? What about repairing?



  • Same issue here. I had to uninstall bitdefender using the uninstall tool, restart, uninstall tool again. There's been a lot of issues with this compatible version for win 10.

    Seems to be an unpolished product.

    Hope they fix these issues soon.



  • Iobit Uninstaller removes Bitdefender. (It always bug me to install VPN and others), but not Program Files, even if I "Take Control)