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Safe Site Notification



I switched to BitDefender Total Security Suite on 6th March 2014. My initial reasons were due to very good reviews and an excellent price from Download crew.

I had been a McAfee customer for many many years having originally been a user of their predecessors First Aid' Dr Solomons but was in the market for an equal or superior product which offered similar all round protection but was lighter on system resources. I had tried stand alone or combinations of several other products including Norton Avast Webroot Comodo ect.

My initial reaction to BitDeFender was positive and this has grown with time. I find it an excellent programme offering excellent protection, superior customer support, an extremely user friendly user interface and a small footprint very easy on system resources.

At this point I am happy to depend on BitDefender for my mainstream security needs into the future.

One little thing' and its only a little thing I would love to see improved is the colour/location/functionally of the " site is safe" button.

I could not find this originally and had to seek the kind assistance of forum members.

Many sites have black areas near the top of pages making the button extremely difficult to see.

I believe it would enhance BitDefender if this button was more easily identifiable.

Perhaps BitDefender would consider something similar to McAfees Site Advisor programme.


Martin :D:D:rolleyes: