System Scan Hint

edited August 2015 in Antivirus

OS Windows 10

These result are from BDTS 2016 Beta but I imagine the same would apply to those using BD 2015

For those running regularly scheduled System scans or even periodic ones and want to signficantly reduce the scan time do the following.

In Windows go to File History Advanced Settings. Set keep scans to 30 days which is the minimum and then click on clean. Choose keep only the last backup.

I did this on several computers and the System Scan time and file count were signficantly reduced on them

In one case from 34 minutes 14 minutes with the file count being reduced by about 500,000. This was the most extreme. The other cases did not have as many copies of File History backup on them. Best case for a System scan on my computers using BDTS 2016 Beta was eight minutes with 620,000 files scanned. Of course the scan time and file count on each person's computer(s) will vary. Scan times are affected by more than just file count including the speed of the drives, the CPU, count amount by file type etc