One Of The Worst Customer Service

I had never imagined that supposedly one of best security software products will have such pathetic customer service. Believe me I literary mean it. I have been using Bitdefender Total Security for my laptop for almost an year now. I recently bought new multi computer key to also use the product on my desktop. To activate the product I had to login into my account. But, the system told me that my login password is not correct. Eventhough I am very sure that the password I had entered was correct, I went for the option to reset it. Bitdefender system confirmed the reset password link is sent to my email. But, I did not get any email from Bitdefender. I repeated the process many times. At last I wrote an email to customer support 5 days back. They sent me a reset link two days later. But when I clicked on the link, I get an error message that he link is not valid or expired. I wrote another request to which a day later they replied that they are working on my request and soon my problem will be solved. This email was sent to me more than a day back.

My question to Bitdefender is what do they mean by "soon" is it 1 hour or 1 Day or 1 Week or 1 Month or 1 Year or never. I have been waiting for more than 5 days to use my newly bought product key. But its a pity that a seemingly trivial issue is taking so long for you guys. I am now made to think of moving to some other company!!