Can't Get Out Of Rescue Mode! Help! Urgent!

Hi guys. I really need your help. I'm a college student and in the middle of the class my laptop just randomly crashed. I simply opened Google Chrome like usual, and the whole thing just froze! I couldn't use my courser or Ctrl, Alt, Delete. So i simply turned the whole thing off and turned it back on, but now I'm stuck in Rescue Mode. I did a whole scan of my systeme and found nothing wrong, so i tried exiting with the shutdown but it brought me back to the same place, and when i simply did the reboot it was the same thing! I have Windows 8 on it, so i don't know if that does anything but I'm really getting ###### and frustrated. I need my laptop for my classes and there is NO WAY that I'm loosing all my things on it. Please help....


  • Hello,

    Have a look at this post from Georgia about the rescue mode loop -


    Here is how to exit the Bitdefender Rescue Mode loop.

    1) Click the "Disks" icon from the bottom menu.

    2) A new window appears. In the upper left corner double click the green "sda1", 2, 3.. etc option (the sda number corresponding to C: \ drive is different for each computer).

    3) A new console appears. In the right part of the console search for the entry called "mnt /" and double click it. Go to "Program Files /". Double click on Program Files /.

    4) Double-click on "Common Files /" -> then on "Bitdefender /" -> "Bitdefender Threat Scanner /" -> "bdrescue /".

    5) Inside the folder "bdrescue /" double-click the file "efi-restore". In the next message confirm the action, then restart the computer normally and you will be able to enter Windows.

    If the above steps don't help please send us an email at