Bd Is Deleting An .exe For A Game I Just Created

soopytwist ✭✭
edited September 2015 in Antivirus

I've authored a game in Multimedia Fusion 2, when I build an .exe application and then run it BD Total Security immediately deletes it. Then, Windows 7 won't allow me to move or copy another .exe for my game that I've saved elsewhere (Multimedia Fusion 2 won't allow me to save another .exe in the folder I've been using to store my game files for that past FOUR MONTHS I've been making my game) into the same folder. I get this Windows message:


My game is called Lunatic.

It now seems like BD has locked my project folder and is preventing Windows from both pasting a copy of the .exe for my game (I've tried building multiple .exe's from within Multimedia Fusion 2) or for Multimedia Fusion 2 to save into the folder.

I'm a few seconds away from uninstalling BD entirely and not buying a new license when it's up in 75 days. I can't have this crap deleting the game I've been making for the past FOUR MONTHS!!!!


Oh and I tried excluding the .exe but we all know that don't mean ###### when it comes to BitDefender.