Autopilot Problem

I have discovered that I can not use autopilot in BD plus 2015 without having issues with my optical drives. With AP on, you can not turn off auto scanning of media when it is inserted which is one thing I don't like. I went to install a game from a DVD and BD scanned the disk for what seemed like ages before even letting me do anything. The other, more serious problem, is with my second optical drive which is a Sony Blu-ray ROM drive. When auto-pilot is on, that drive acts like it's defective. It sometimes won't even open and when it does, it won't recognize any disc I put in it. Then it won't eject by using the button on the drive and has to be ejected from the drive icon in Windows Explorer. With autopilot not running and auto scanning of CD's and DVD's disabled, there are no issues. I liked autopilot because it would switch the profiles automatically. Now I will have to manually enter Game , or Movie mode when gaming or streaming content.