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Missing Scan In Context Menu


Hi folks!

I have a problem with BD 2016 antivirus plus.

When i try scan a file or folder in total commander /right click/ , missing bitdefender scan option in the context menu. Tried in the windows file manager , was everything ok.I tried reinstall and repair but no changes. Any idea?

Thank you!

Windows 10 64bit, Bitdefender antivirus plus 2016, totalcommander 8.51, 8.52a 64bit .


  • Hi everybody,

    same for me, i use opus directory and the is no BitDefender submenu in the popup menu, I need to use win file manager !

    As I'll never stop using Opus D, , if there is no solution, i'll leave BitDefender

    Please support, any response ????

  • weary

    Bitdefender seems to be designed to only show its context menu in Explorer. The BD context menu items will not appear in Directory Opus or other third-party file managers.