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Firewall Rules Doesn't Work


I use BIS 2015 and Windows 10 1511. I set Firefox rules to Deny and I still can get to the Internet using this browser. What's wrong with Bitdefender Firewall?


  • Also I noticed that a lot of rules are duplicated.

  • I have same problem, will this ever get fixed??? if not bye bye bitdefender

    Custom firewall rules get ignored with paranoid mode on OR off, I set a program not to connect to internet with protocol: Any + Direction: Both, but still a dialog box comes up asking what to do when in paranoid mode.

    With paranoid mode off, the firewall just allows the program to connect even though I set the same settings; Deny Access, Protocol: Any, Direction: Both.

    Please fix this, this is really annoying, the firewall from 2011 was never this annoying!

    Ive been a customer for a long time, and I would prefer not to leave Bitdefender.