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Vulnerability Scan Shows (warns) Chrome Browser Needs To Be Updated To Oracle Jre...


Vulnerability Scan shows (warns) Chrome Browser needs to be updated to Oracle JRE 8. Unfortunately, Chrome no longer supports NPAPI (technology required for Java applets) which means BitDefender will continue to find this fault now and in the future. Is there anyway of getting BitDefender to ignore it and not show it as a vulnerability since the vendor discontinued using NPAPI?



  • Georgia


    Do you have other web browsers that still support Java?

    Please include as well a Bitdefender diagnostic log from your computer.

    Thank you!

  • vpnavy

    Yes - but that isn't the point. Since Chrome (and Firefox, etc. will be following suit) doesn't support something I shouldn't have to look at stuff being flagg'd in the Vulnerability Scan that I can't do anything about. I should have an option of having it not show for a particular browser.