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Autopilot Keeps Turning On After Pc Restart!

edited February 2017 in Protection

First of all I hope the Bitdefender Supports won't ignore the issue here. I've been using the Bitdefender in-app "Contact Support" feature, but at least a month has passed and I never got a response. Hope I'll get one here.

So the issue is that Bitdefender Autopilot keeps turning itself ON every time I start/restart my computer. I'm using the latest BitDefender Internet Security 2016. I have the same issue on several other notebooks where I have Bitdefender too.

In the past having the Profiles feature turned ON would keep Autopilot OFF for some time (even after OS start/restar) but it would still randomly turn ON. But right now no matter what I do, Autopilot keeps turning ON after every restart.

Is there any way to forefully turn Autopilot OFF for ever, or any other kind of fixes for this?