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Settings Change By Themselves


total security 2016

windows 10 pro x64 stable build

I have a problem with parnoid mode, it switches itself off sometimes.

Also the level of intrusion detection switches itself from low to medium .

what causes this?


  • weary
    edited April 2016


    Win10 Pro x64 - latest updates

    I have seen the same sort of thing, but usually with the On-access scanning settings. I use custom settings for it, and quite often when I check them, they have changed. For example, I enable "Scan boot sectors" and "Scan only new and changed files," and for no apparent reason, these settings become unchecked after awhile.

    In the past I have seen the Intrusion Detection setting revert from Aggressive to Medium, without my doing. I have not seen this particular setting change very recently though.

    It is a very annoying problem.