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Has Anybody Managed To Get Thunderbird Working With Antispam?

BDAlexS ✭✭
edited March 2016 in Protection

The Toolbar does not work period (some buttons such as marking as just don't function at all),

Also you need to turn off "Scan SSL" otherwise TB goes haywire.

Why is this advertised feature still bugged?



  • Bleb Nevus

    I reported this bug last fall and finally gave up and just disabled the antispam feature. A shame...

  • weary

    I reported issues with Thunderbird a long time ago; at least a year or two. The only way I can get Thunderbird to work alongside Bitdefender is to never allow the Thunderbird extension to be enabled; not even once.

  • BDAlexS
    BDAlexS ✭✭
    edited November 2016

    Is it possible please that others can  confirm they are experiencing this issue in the 2017 version? (Please see my original post).

    I have another thread going on in the 2017 forums and I need a hand here from community members to confirm this is indeed still an issue and not just my system.

    Sadly whatever communication/support channel I choose I still can't get Bitdefender to acknowledge the issue. I wish they would.

    I appreciate your help.