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A few times now I've gotten the message that Total Security 2016 has blocked a website as containing Malware. It shows my email address but shows a lot of letters and numbers before the address that don't show in the normal URL of the e-mail page. Anybody else experience this ?



  • MarcHoppe
    edited April 2016

    Anybody ? Any ideas what might cause this ? It might be that somehow my outlook link is being hijacked......or perhaps it's some form of false positive generated by Total Security. :unsure:

  • Looks like it was a phising attempt. There is a valid .com address before your email address and the ?d=<email addy> passes your email address to the compromised server to serve up a custom tailored phising page.

  • Thanks for the response! Looks like is the culprit. A google search turns up quite a bit most of which is over my head. Bitdefender even flags the website that Google finds. It's good to know Bitdefender is on the job. So this redirection or tracking would have been from one of the e-mails that came into my e-mail address?