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Your Idiot Software Made By Clowns Permanently Deleted Dozens Of Irreplaceable False Positives!


And because it's so well written, it doesn't even automatically save the logs, so while I was scrambling to find out if I could do anything to get it back, I lost the ability to check the log! What the is this garbage good for? It's doing a better job wrecking things than any virus I could have ever gotten!


  • Not like it matters, but I want to clarify by "save the logs" I mean "put them somewhere I don't have to hunt for them"

  • weary

    Sorry about your troubles. I have also known Bitdefender 2016 to delete files without warning and without quarantining them. To make matters worse, the Bitdefender log kept telling me that the On-access and Active Threat modules were the ones deleting the file, but in fact it was Ransomware Protection doing it.

    I posted about it /index.php?showtopic=69104" rel="">here. I did not contact support, as I knew that I would not receive a helpful response. I am not being negative, just stating a fact.

    I highly recommend CrashPlan for backups.